Biomass 2012: Confronting Challenges, Creating Opportunities

Sustaining a Commitment to Bioenergy

On July 10–11, 2012, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Biomass Program will host its fifth annual conference, Biomass 2012: Confronting Challenges, Creating Opportunities – Sustaining a Commitment to Bioenergy, at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.  This year’s conference will examine the dynamic playing field of bioenergy in 2012, as exciting new technologies move forward within a shifting policy, tax, and economic landscape.

Biomass 2012 will bring together hundreds of diverse stakeholders with key decision-makers in the public and private sectors, as well as a range of interdisciplinary experts, to discuss the latest advances in bioenergy technology, policy news, and financing strategies.  Situated just blocks away from Capitol Hill, the White House, federal agencies, and the headquarters of numerous national and international organizations, the conference will provide an excellent forum for an open dialogue about overcoming common challenges and sustaining our national commitment to building the advanced bioenergy economy. 

Last year’s event was attended by over 600 people and featured keynote speeches from members of the Cabinet, Congress, CEO-level company executives, acclaimed scientists, and other industry leaders. Click here for more information about last year’s conference and here to see what attendees said about Biomass 2011.

With this year’s superb downtown location and a policy-packed agenda, Biomass 2012 promises to be one of our best biomass conferences yet!

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Why Participate?

  • Learn about cutting-edge technology advances in the fuels, bio-based products, and power markets.
  • Hear from industry experts, senior policymakers, and leading researchers on the future of the bioeconomy.
  • Contribute to stakeholder discussions about financing strategies, changes in the policy and regulatory environment, and the latest advances in bioenergy technologies.
  • Network with leaders in the fields of biotechnology, agriculture, finance, policy, infrastructure, and sustainability.

Topics Will Include:

  • Expanding the market for biofuels, bio-based products, and power
  • Integrated approaches to achieving national goals for bioenergy
  • Regulations and policy needed to expand the biomass industry
  • The long-term outlook for algae, aviation fuels, and intermediates
  • Finance and commercialization strategies
  • Dispelling the myths and addressing the challenges of bioenergy

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